Week 6 Announcements

Posted on: May 8, 2017

  The Biomedical & General Engineering Department sends out a weekly email announcement of items we feel may be of interest to all of our students.  If not interested, please delete.


Week Six Online Announcements


Table of Contents


  1. Polymer Courses in Fall: CHEM 444/544 and CHEM 447/547
  2. Medtronic Networking Session Tues 5/16 *CANCELLED*   
  3. Engineers Without Borders Announcements 
  4. Engineering World Health Announcements 
  5. QL + Student Association Announcements



1. New Polymer Courses in Fall: CHEM 444/544 and CHEM 447/547 


Fall 2017
CHEM 444/544
Polymers and Coatings I/ Physical
Polymer Chemistry
Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8-9am
Prof. Shanju Zhang, szhang05@calpoly.edu

Course Description:
Introduction of polymers and coatings: molecular weight averages, glass
transition, thermodynamics and kinetics, viscoelastic properties, rheology,
thermal analysis, spectroscopic analysis and mechanical testing, and coating
formulation. Prerequisite: CHEM 212 or CHEM 216 or CHEM 312 or CHEM
316; CHEM 351 or MATE 380; or consent of instructor.


Fall 2017
CHEM 447/547
Polymers and Coatings I Lab/
Polymer Characterization and Analysis
Tuesday/Thursday: 12-3 pm
Prof. Shanju Zhang, szhang05@calpoly.edu & Prof. Erik Sapper, esapper@calpoly.edu

Course Description:
Laboratory experiments on polymer molecular weight analysis, glass
transition and other thermal analysis, viscoelastic properties, rheology,
spectroscopic analysis and dynamic mechanical testing, formulating and
testing coatings. Prerequisite: CHEM 212 or CHEM 216 or CHEM 312 or
CHEM 316; CHEM 351 or MATE 380; or consent of instructor.


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2. Medtronic Networking Session Tues. 5/16 *CANCELLED*


Medtronic Networking Session on Tuesday 5/16 has been cancelled.


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3. Engineers Without Borders Announcements


Spring Week 6

1. MonSustainability Task Force, Project Meetings, Intramural Ultimate Frisbee
2. TueIMPACT Meeting
3. FriEWB Tea Time
4. SunNicaragua Volleyball Tournament 

Check out our google calendar here!

1.  Sustainability Task Force is a group seeking to enhance Cal Poly's EWB Chapter through working on projects related to social, economic, cross-generational and environmental sustainability. We want to ensure that our chapter is fulfilling its purpose of "equipping leaders to solve some of the world's most pressing challenges". The STF meets at 6pm every Monday in Building 10, room 227 (Local Project Room).

Project Meetings are every Monday at 7pm
Here are the team room locations
India/FIJI: B10 -0111
Local Projects: B10 -0227
Thailand: B33 -0287
Nicaragua: B53 -0215
Malawi: B180 -0107

Intramural Frisbee starts this Monday at 9:30 pm! Please bring light and dark shirts in order to play! 

2IMPACT meets every Tuesday at 6:30 pm at one of the Library 2nd floor fishbowls. Come by if you want to make a difference locally by volunteering in SLO!

3. EWB Tea Time is every Friday 1-3 pm at the 2nd floor of the Library facing the front, near the bookshelves. Come chat and enjoy some tea with President Dan, VP Beth, and the occasional officer!

4. The Nica team is having their annual beach volleyball tournament fundraiser on Sunday May 14th from 12-4pm! Sign up at this link if you would like to come! The cost is only $10.

-Civil Engineering Associates Intern Opportunity 
Company: Civil Engineering Associates. CEA is a general civil firm that provides consulting services to land development clients primarily for multi-family residential, single-family residential, mixed-use, and apartment developments. Our responsibilities range over the whole project life span, from initial planning and entitlement to preparation of design documents, and ultimately to construction administration and surveying.
Location: San Jose, 5 minutes north of downtown
Job Description: Engineering intern working directly with project managers on a variety of civil engineering tasks. You will have the opportunity to test your wit in the design of components for real projects including: storm water management, utility design and grading. You will also provide important support to our field operations by analyzing data, performing quality control checks, and interacting with contractors.
Ideal Candidate: Motivated individual with solid engineering fundamentals, good communication skills, and an ability to work in a fast-paced dynamic environment. Former AutoCAD Civil 3D experience is a plus, but not a necessity.
Getting in Touch: Contact Graham Goodwin directly at ggoodwin@ceainc.net or by phone at 408-453-1066.

Good luck to all those taking midterms!

Avery Lai
Secretary 2016-2017
Engineers Without Borders-USA
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Student Chapter


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4.  Engineering World Health Announcements


Hope midterms are treating you well! We are in the midst of developing ideas for our new project for next year, so if you are interested in being involved in submitting a design proposal to a national competition, come out for design meetings on SUNDAYS, from 2 to 4, in Bonderson, Room 104. We would love to see some new faces to help spearhead the new project! We are also volunteering THIS SATURDAY from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Spring Build-An-Engineer Day, hosted by SWE on campus. If you are interested in working with kids and would love to build little stethoscopes with them for a day, just drop us an e-mail. 


For general questions or more information, contact: ewhcalpolysecretary@gmail.com  

To sign up for our e-mail list, fill out this form: http://eepurl.com/cMWw4P




Thank you!


Sonja Daebelliehn

Engineering World Health

California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo Section




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5.  QL+ Student Association Announcements 

Quality of Life Plus Student Association  

QL+ SA is a multidisciplinary student run association dedicated to improving the lives of those in need. We run a variety of developmental workshops and projects throughout the year to support engineering students. This quarter, we’ll be hosting a quarterly design project, as well as a few workshops and socials. 


Our general meetings are every Tuesday from 6-7PM in our lab in building 192. 


Southern California Edison Info Session

On May 11 QL+ is hosting a Southern California Edison information session. Representatives from the company will be there to provide insight into the types of opportunities available in the company as well as answer questions. 

Date: May 11

Time: 11AM

Location: QL+ Lab


End of the Year Banquet

Join us on June 3 for a celebration of QL+ SA’s accomplishments this year! 


Tickets are $15 and include entrance to the event as well as a full meal. We will be hearing from our formal design teams, introducing our challengers for next year and having a delicious meal with our corporate sponsors, national program leaders and club members. 


This event is open to all students and faculty members, but we need you to RSVP if you would like to attend. Please fill out this google form to rsvp


Call for Challengers

The QL+ mission is to foster and generate innovations to aid and improve the quality of life of those injured in the line of duty.


QL+ is currently seeking challenges for the 2017/18 school year.  These challenges can originate from a specific person with a challenge.  They can also be generated based on a need of many in the veteran community. 


If you know of a challenger or would like to propose a senior level project for consideration we would like to hear from you. By proposing an idea it would allow you to potentially design a project based on your interest.


Please feel free to email me at sabrina.jenkins@qlplus.org


If you have any questions please feel free to email us at cpqlplusops@gmail.com



Thank you, 

Kat Turk

QL+ SA Vice President of Operations 
Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Cal Poly San Luis Obispo




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