Week 9 Announcements

Posted on: March 7, 2018

 The Biomedical & General Engineering Department sends out a weekly email announcement of items we feel may be of interest to all of our students.  If not interested, please delete.



Week Nine Online Announcements


Table of Contents


  1. Appropriate Technology, Spring Quarter Area-F, Tech Elective, Sustainability Class 
  2. Cal Fresh Outreach
  3. Science After Dark: How to Grow a Pancreas
  4. EWB Weekly Announcements
  5. Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Weekly Announcements




1. Appropriate Technology, Spring Quarter Area F, Tech Elective, Sustainability Class 


Appropriate Technology for the World’s People, Design:

UNIV-392 / HNRS-392 / PSC-392

With a final paper: UNIV-492 / PSC-492


For technical and nontechnical students

GE AREA F, Tech Elective for many Engineering Departments

Class: MW 4:10 PM – 5:30 PM, with Activity: M 6:10 PM – 9:00 PM or T 8:10 AM – 11:00 AM

I am willing to negotiate minor schedule conflicts.


The “design and build” appropriate technology class. We study challenges for the world’s poor along with proposed solutions, failures, and accomplishments: innovations in technology and human and societal responses. Groups of students work together to design technical solutions for an underserved community – a group that started with our class went to Uganda summer 2016 and published results. (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2352728516300653) Sometimes we find solutions, sometimes we bond with a community overseas, but we always learn much about the struggles and strengths of others; and reflect on those of our own society. No technical experience necessary because everyone has some different insight to offer. Some students are from engineering and some are from the arts. Everyone working together provides a diversity of problem-solving tools and insights. See last year’s class website: http://appropriatetechnology.wikispaces.com/Development+Fall+2017 Questions? Please contact Pete Schwartz: pschwart@calpoly.edu


Note to BMEDs:   This class looks extremely interesting and worthwhile, but does NOT count towards the BMED degree.


The Appropriate Technology is cross listed as five classes:


PSC-492 (requires final paper)


UNIV-492 (requires final paper)






2. Cal Fresh Outreach


With the end of the quarter quickly approaching, students face greater pressure academically and many have increased stress about not having enough money to purchase nutritious foods. With 27% of Cal Poly students experiencing food insecurity, resources have been put in place on campus to help students in need. Visit the CalFresh Outreach drop-in office Mondays 10:00am-4:00pm and Fridays 1:00pm-4:00pm in 27-173B to see if you might be eligible for CalFresh. We also provide additional resources about Cal Poly's food pantry and meal voucher program. 

For additional information or to schedule a private appointment you can call/text us at 805-399-0236 or email us at CalFreshHelp805@gmail.com.




Olivia Zarling

CalFresh Outreach Coordinator

Undergraduate Student, Agricultural Business

California Polytechnic State University

San Luis Obispo, CA 93407


Email: ozarling@calpoly.edu




3. Science after Dark: How to Grow a Pancreas


Science After Dark: How to Grow a Pancreas

Tuesday, March 13 at 6:30pm $5/pp
Old San Luis BBQ @ 670 Higuera

The San Luis Obispo Children’s Museum (SLOCM) sponsors Science After Dark and its promotion of lifelong learning.  In March, a ViaCyte scientist (one of the internship sites for our Cal Poly Regenerative Medicine program) presents groundbreaking stem cell research that has the potential to cure diabetes.   Although sponsored by SLOCM, Science After Dark programming is for adults only.





4. EWB Weekly Announcements



This week we have some fun stuff as always!


Monday- Tea Time, Sustainability Task Force, Project Team Meetings

Tuesday - IMPACT

Wednesday- Poverty Inc Potluck!!






Tea Time is a time to chat with the president and vice president about anything and everything. It’s basically open office hours and we’d love to see you! It’s every Monday (recent change) 11am-12pm. We will be in fishbowl 216-K on the 2nd floor of the lib. Look for our EWB shirts/boxes of tea!
Sustainability Task Force: Do you want to improve EWB? Sustainability Task Force (STF) is open to everyone and is a space to identify problems in EWB and collectively create solutions to improve our club. We want to ensure that our chapter is fulfilling its purpose of "equipping leaders to solve some of the world's most pressing challenges" by working on projects related to socio, economic, cross-generational and environmental sustainability. Join our team Mondays 6-7pm in 26-104!
Project Meetings are every Monday from 7:00-9:00pm! Feel free to try out different project teams and be sure to introduce yourselves to the PMs if you’re new to EWB!
Here are the team room locations: 
Fiji: 14-249 (back to normal)
Local Projects: 26-123
Thailand: 186-C200
Nicaragua: 192-224
Malawi: 14-247
IMPACT: meets Tuesday 11-12pm in the library fishbowl 216Q. IMPACT, Engineers Without Borders’ volunteering team, works with nonprofits across SLO County to carry on the tradition of thinking globally and acting locally. IMPACT organizes volunteering events that unite EWB members and fellow Cal Poly students with local nonprofits dedicated to the community EWB Cal Poly knows and loves. We have our campus wide volunteering event at the end of quarter, come join our team to make it happen!
Poverty Inc Potluck: This Wednesday’s general meeting is a free movie showing of Poverty Inc, which is a must see! It’s potluck style, bring your friends and a comfy blanket! Wednesday March 7th @ 6pm, 26-104.



IMPACT this Weekend!
Sign ups for IMPACT weekend are open!! On March 9-11, join your fellow EWBers and other Cal Poly students for a weekend of awesome volunteering in and around SLO. To view a complete list of nonprofits and sign up for your favorites, fill out this form. Please email ewbimpact@gmail.com with any questions!





5. Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Weekly Announcements


Following are the announcements from BMES for this week! Thank you, and I hope you have a great week!


1. BMES T-Shirts & Stickers
2. BMES Mentorship Program
3. Industry Tour Opportunities
4. SolidWorks and 3D Printing Workshop Pick-Ups
5. Chipotle Fundraiser
6. General Meeting: Study Session

BMES T-Shirts & Stickers
Feel free to contact Morgan (morgan.jawitz@gmail.com) about buying a BMES T-shirt, if you're interested. Shirts cost $15 (cash or Venmo)! Be on the lookout for stickers soon.

BMES Mentorship Program 
Calling all current Cal Poly biomedical engineering students! Want to inspire the next generation of biomedical engineers? Then please sign-up here for the BMES Mentorship Program and become a mentor for freshman/transfer students.

Industry Tour Opportunities
We are currently in the process of planning two industry tour trips during spring quarter! Please fill out the interest form here if you're interested. We want as much feedback as possible, so that we can make these trips valuable for you.

SolidWorks and 3D Printing Workshop Pick-Ups
Please contact Morgan Jawitz (morgan.jawitz@gmail.com) to pick up your 3D-printed part.

Chipotle Fundraiser
Sunday, March 11th
5 - 9 PM, Downtown Chipotle

Come support BMES at our upcoming Chipotle fundraiser! We get 50% of the proceeds which will go straight into planning cool events and workshops for you!

General Meeting: Study Session
Thursday, March 15th
11 AM - 12 PM, Bonderson 104

Need help staying motivated during dead week? Come study with BMES! Sugary fuel will be provided (aka. donuts)! Hope to see you there.