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Biofluidics Lab

Location: ATL, St. Jude Lab


The Biofludics laboratory focuses on biofluids characterization, microfluidics and Bio-MEMS. The biofluids side of the laboratory is equipped with a capillary rheometer, Osmotic pressure meter and a fluid properties characterization meter (conductivity, ionic strength, pH and dissolved gasses). The microfluidics side of the laboratory is equipped with two microfluidic test stations. Each microfluidic test station has a LabSmith video microscope and three Harvard apparatus Plus 11 syringe pumps. In addition to these capabilities, we have a LabSmith DC power supply, Tektronix signal function generator, and 4 high end workstations for design and analysis, one of which is equipped with National Instruments capabilities to perform Impedance sensing and AC-signal function generation. Some of the capabilities are displayed below.

Biofluids Characterization

Microfluidic Test Station

Students design, manufacture and model microfluidic chips. Additionally, students prepare and characterize reagents and conduct microfluidic experiments.

For further information contact:

Dr. David Clague

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