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College-Based Fees


The College Based Academic Fee (CBF) is a mandatory Cal Poly fee, supported by a vote of the students in 2002. It is a portion of the overall registration costs each student pays to enroll at Cal Poly. A quarterly fee of $200, beginning Fall Quarter of 2002 (and adjusted for inflation), is assessed for each student in the College of Engineering (CENG) to help support and enhance instruction programs. 

Fee Allocation and Use

In the CENG, the funds are allocated to each department. For the Biomedical Engineering Department, the fees provide support for the education of students majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Uses of the fees are consistent with the university CBF priorities as adopted in 2002:

  • Hiring faculty and student assistants to protect or improve course access and progress to degree.
  • Purchasing or maintaining and repairing instructional equipment and information technology.
  • Supporting instruction-related activities.

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