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Declaring a Concentration

It is important to declare your concentration as soon as possible (preferably at the beginning/middle of your second year). This will ensure your Degree Progress Report and Academic Progress Level is up to date for registration.  Please note: a change of concentration will appear on your transcript, so it is important you are confident with your decision.  For more information and to discuss your concentration options, please see your faculty advisor.

In order to declare your concentration, follow the procedure below:

  1. Email from your Cal Poly email address
  2. Use the subject line: Student Last Name/Concentration Name
  3. Include in the email body:
    • Student Name:
    • EMPL ID:
    • Major: Biomedical Engineering
    • Catalog Year: Concentrations are only available on 15-17 catalog. Note: Students following the 13-15 or previous catalogs should refer to the catalog for selection of technical and support electives.
    • Concentration: Bioinstrumentation, Mechanical Design or General Curriculum

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