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Engineering World Health

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About EWH

The developing world constantly faces two major medical issues – low accessibility and quality of treatment. To address these conflicts, Dr. Bob Malkin and Dr. Mohammad Kiani, two University of Memphis professors, launched Engineering World Health (EWH) in 2001. EWH is a non-governmental organization that aims to address medical issues on a global scale. EWH focuses on technical solutions, with an emphasis on improving the quality of healthcare in resource-restrained communities of the developing world.

Cal Poly EWH's Mission Statement:

The Cal Poly chapter of EWH aims to support the national-level mission by making global impacts in health care by emphasizing an active, hands-on education and engaging students in a multidisciplinary, collaborative design process.

The Cal Poly chapter of EWH will achieve this mission by:

  • Enhancing the student learning experience with ‘The Engineer’s Toolbox’. The Engineer’s Toolbox will be a set of workshops designed to give students practical, hands-on knowledge about design and engineering.

  • Giving industry exposure to different types of science, engineering, and technology with industry tours and speakers.

  • Getting students directly involved in and dedicated to increasing the quality of healthcare through the design of appropriate medical devices suited towards the specific needs of medical communities around the world. Design will emphasize low-cost and sustainability.

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