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Concur Travel Card: policy and procedures 

Apply for a Concur Travel Card:  Request Travel Card – University Travel – Cal Poly

Attending a Virtual Conference

Paid for portion of travel on personal credit card: you can expense this in Concur and use the “out of pocket” payment type then add the receipt and amount to be reimbursed for the charge. This expense goes on the Concur expense report with any other expenses (paid with Concur card or personal card) and is submitted after the trip end date. 
Hotel nightly rate over the per diem of $275 (before tax): add a comment to the expense line to justify the amount (conference rate, staying in expensive area, etc).
Hotel charged the room in 2 separate transactions: many hotels are now charging a deposit that doesn’t “add up” at the end (guess-timation of taxes for example). CP Concur has created a guide to help with this new method of hotel charging. Do the best you can with the itemizations because the credit card charges cannot be combined in Concur.

Travel to Banned States (updated 9/13/22):

Traveler reaches out to Laurie to schedule a 15 min meeting with the dean regarding their travel request to a banned state

Amy approves/denies

If Amy approves – traveler/department needs to identify non-state funding source (CPC, UCP, ASI) for travel

Laurie prepares an approval memo that she will email to the traveler (and cc dept chair and Talisha)

The traveler needs to attach memo in Concur to the travel pre-authorization request AND they are now asking that the traveler copy the memo and paste it in the “comments” section of the travel pre-authorization. They need to copy and paste into the “comments” because the auditors cannot see attachments in Concur.

Then the request will be routed to dept budget approver, dept chair, dean’s office, and then Provost. Once Provost has approved the travel can proceed with travel plans/purchasing.

BMED ISA Hire Request: Hire an ISA.

BMED Lab Access Request Form: Request access for a student.

Lab Gas Order Form: Order lab gas from Linde.

BMED Purchase Request PowerForm: Initiate purchase request.

Recommended Computer Models: IT is requesting that ALL computer purchases run through them and the CSU Buy system.  This means that no individual on campus can purchase a computer directly from a vendor without IT’s pre-approval.  It does not matter the source of funding for the computer purchase, even CPC and UCP funds fall under this policy. IT is also asking that we avoid purchasing computers or tablets through the bookstore, as we do not receive the same warranty we do when going through CSU Buy. Additional information 

Welcome to ASSIST: Intended to help students and counselors work together to establish an appropriate path toward transferring from a public California community college to a public California university. 

PolyFlowBuilder: Student developed tool allows you to easily visualize and plan your academic path at Cal Poly SLO.

Setup a State Fund For Donations: 10K is needed to establish a new state fund. A holding account can be used until the 10K is reached. CENG Advancement team can assist.

Internal Funding / Scholarship Opportunities – (calpoly.edu)