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Internal Applicants for Blended Program

The Blended program is an accelerated path for Cal Poly undergraduates who would like to graduate with both a BS and MS degrees upon completion. In this program, students are able to double-count 8 units of 400 or 500 level of Approved Engineering and/or Science electives for both their undergraduate and graduate requirements.

Eligibility: This program is only available to currently enrolled Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo Engineering undergraduates. Students who are not in an undergraduate Engineer program must have successfully completed the Department approved pre-requisites applying to the BMS program.

Time to Apply: Interested students should apply in the last two quarters of their Senior year, that is, after completion of 165 units. All application materials are due at the end of the 2nd week of each quarter (Fall, Winter and Spring).

All industry sponsored projects start during Fall quarter; therefore, students applying for the Project Track, should apply either Winter or Spring quarter to be matriculated into the Masters program before industry sponsored projects are launched.

Where to turn in your application: All Blended application packages should be filled out online using the link below. As stated above, all application packages are due the 2nd week of the quarter of application.

Directions and Forms for Application to the Blended Masters Thesis and Project tracks.

BMED Blended Program Online Application

Download, fill-out, sign and/or initial the following forms for upload to online application:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact, via email, or visit the Graduate Coordinator, Prof. D. Clague, during Graduate Office Hours.

† see the GradEd website un-filled forms

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