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Posted 3/1/2020

Juniors & Seniors: Apple is recruiting BME co-op students from Cal Poly

The Health Technologies Team at Apple in Sunnyvale, California is currently recruiting for Biomedical Engineering co-op interns. If you are interested in joining an energetic, collaborative, engaged team to gain some real world experience, please read the attached job description. Submit your resume to the Apple Jobs posting at the provided link by March 9th, 2020. Co-ops may start in Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring for 6 to 12 month durations.

Apple requires interns to be full-time students both at the start and the end of the co-op. Therefore, the positions cannot be filled by someone after they have graduated unless they can demonstrate that they have already been accepted to graduate school and are deferring start of their graduate studies to pursue the co-op.

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