What is an Instructional Student Assistant (ISA)

Minimum Qualifications – Must maintain continuous enrollment at Cal Poly in a minimum of 1 unit to be eligible for appointment as an ISA in any academic quarter. No possibility for extension of appointment in a non-enrolled quarter.

Instruction Assistance (all three must apply):

  • The work performed by the student requires specific, advanced knowledge of the course content.
  • The student would be implementing the faculty member’s course content and methodology.
  • The faculty member would be providing appropriate supervision to ensure that the student’s work supports the course content/methodology.


  • Assessment of student work requiring specific academic knowledge directly related to the subject matter with authority to assign a grade (i.e. test or assignment grades) within a range of points.

Not Grading (use Student Assistant classification for these duties):

  • Applying a key provided by the instructor to an objective test, calculating a result, and providing it to the instructor or entering it onto a grade roster.
  • Feeding scantrons into a reader and forwarding the machine’s output to the faculty member or entering the results on a grade roster.

Additional information regarding ISA’s can be found at Academic Personnel.