MS Biomedical Engineering, Specialization in Regenerative Medicine

Prepares students for careers in regenerative medicine and related fields. Specifically, our graduates are prepared for immediate employment in regenerative medicine, biotechnology, or medical technology companies, as well as research specialists/laboratory managers at universities or research institutes. Program graduates are also well-prepared to matriculate into bioengineering doctoral programs or graduate programs in the health professions. 

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Culminating Experience

Students who obtain a degree in the Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in Regenerative Medicine are not required to complete a “thesis” through BMED 599. In place of the thesis as a culminating experience, students are required to complete a non-traditional Comprehensive Exam. This non-traditional Comprehensive Exam includes a 9-month internship at a company or research laboratory1(ASCI/BIO/BMED 593), a quarter-long project course at Cal Poly (ASCI/BIO/BMED 594), a written report and oral presentation of the internship project, and a written report and oral presentation of the quarter-long project course. Through the completion of these components, students demonstrate their “ability to integrate the knowledge of the area, show critical and independent thinking, and demonstrate mastery of the subject matter.”

 1Students will complete their internship at one of our partner institutions. An updated list of our current partners can be found on our program website.

Required Courses  
ASCI 581 Graduate Seminar in Animal Science 1
ASCI/BIO/BMED 593 Regenerative Medicine Internship (5,5) 10
ASCI/BIO/BMED 594 Applications in Regenerative Medicine 2
BIO/CHEM 475 Molecular Biology Lab 3-5
   or ASCI 403 Applied Biotechnology in Animal Science  
BIO 534 Principles of Stem Cell Biology 2
BIO 590 Seminar in Biology 1
BMED 460 Engineering Physiology 4
BMED 510 Principles of Tissue Engineering 4
BMED 515 Introduction to Biomedical Imaging


BMED 560 Cell Transplantation and Biotherapeutics
BMED 561 Cell Transplantation and Biotherapeutics Lab 2
BMED 563 Biomedical Engineering Graduate Seminar 2
Approved Electives  
Approved engineering, science and mathematics electives 6-8
Total units 45