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If you are currently enrolled in a project, refer to the following information to learn about the process. 

Ordering Project Supplies

Effective 3/18/2020 - All ordering has been suspended until further notice.  Please speak to your course faculty about your project.  

OPTION 1:  Have the company or organization that is sponsoring the project purchase the materials needed utilizing their own funds and sent to you.

OPTION 2:  Complete a Purchase Request Form (excel) to have the BMED Department purchase your requested items with the department procurement card.

  • Fill out the Purchase Request electronically and email to both the Project Support Coordinator and your project advisor for review and approval.    
  • Orders will be placed by the Project Support Coordinator in the BMED office as soon as possible, but students should plan ahead.
  • Student will be notified via email when materials are available for pickup in the BMED office.
  • All procurement orders will be shipped to the following address: 
                       Attn: Advisor Name/Student Name
                       California Polytechnic State University
                       c/o Department of Biomedical Engineering 13-260
                       1 Grand Avenue San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

OPTION 3:  Student purchases project materials utilizing their own funds and request reimbursement with a Cal Poly Direct Buy form.

  • Attach itemized receipts/invoices. Must include the following information:
                      Vendor or payee name
                      Amount paid, showing shipping and tax separately
                      Proof of payment (cash, credit card, personal check)
                      Description of the item(s) purchased
  • If any of the above information is missing, please attach proof of payment in the form of a bank statement (any personal information can be blacked out).
  • Tape down all cash register receipts to an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.
  • If you are missing a receipt please fill out a Missing Receipt Form.  
  • Submit Direct Buy form and all required documentation to Project Support Coordinator in the BMED office.

Travel Procedures

3/12/2020 Effectively immediately, the CSU has suspended all international travel and all non-essential domestic travel through May 31. Please contact sjenki03@calpoly.edu if you have any questions or concerns regarding travel.


All travel needs to be discussed and approved by your faculty prior to travel. There are different allowable expenses depending on the project you are working on. As a general rule, only mileage is reimbursed.  

Before your trip: At least 1 week prior to travel, turn in your completed Travel Pre-Authorization Form to 13-260.

Within 10 days from the return of your trip: complete and sign the Travel Claim Form (must be filled out electronically). 

  • Attach a copy of your Google Maps route.
  • Turn in completed travel claim forms to 13-260.

If additional expenses have been approved prior to travel from your faculty:

  • Attach all receipts for items over $40.  Receipts must show the final cost, itemized list of what was purchased, provide proof of payment (shows how was it paid) and include the date of purchase.
  • If any of the above information is not included on the receipt you must submit proof of payment in the form of a bank statement (any personal information can be blacked out).
  • Missing Receipt Form must be turned in for missing receipts for any amount greater than $40. 

For guidance on filling out the Travel Claim Form please review the BMED Travel Claim Guide (pdf). All items highlighted yellow need to be answered.  Hover over the highlighted area for details of what to include.

For more information about university travel policy and reimbursement rates, see the University Travel guidelines. If you have any questions about the form, please contact the Project Support Coordinator in the BMED office.

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