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Sponsored BMED Senior Design Projects

Senior Design Projects

Senior Projects

What is a Senior Design Project?

The Senior Design Project is a 2-quarter (Fall/Winter & Winter/Fall), team-based experience where students design, build and test a solution to an externally sponsored problem. This format allows students to develop teamwork and communication skills needed for today's workplace, as well as gain valuable experience working to satisfy a user’s need.

Project work includes:

  • Defining the problem and scope of work
  • Conceptualizing and modeling potential solutions
  • Developing and analyzing the detailed design
  • Building a functional prototype
  • Testing to verify performance

All projects have a dedicated student team supported by a faculty advisor for the Project. Senior project teams develop extensive documentation about their process and results. View past Senior Project reports on Digital Commons @ Cal Poly 

Project Sponsors

The senior project experience would not be possible without the dedicated support of our project sponsors. Sponsors include major corporations, small businesses, non-profits, faculty, and student teams. If you have a design challenge and an interest in supporting the design education of future biomedical engineers, please consider sponsoring a senior design project!  How do I sponsor a senior project?

Administrative Tools for Current Senior Project Students

If you are currently enrolled in a senior project, refer to the following information to learn about the process. 

Senior Project Guide

Project Budget Tracking

Track your expenses through the term of your project. Make sure you stay within your project's budget. Keep track of all your invoices and receipts. Refer to the following templates for tracking information. 

Materials Budget (PDF)

Travel Budget (PDF)

Ordering Project Supplies


OPTION 1: Have the company or organization that is sponsoring the project purchase the supplies and materials needed.

OPTION 2: Student or project advisor purchases project supplies directly, either online or at a local vendor (please note, all Amazon orders must be purchased utilizing Option 3), and request reimbursement with a Cal Poly Direct Buy form.

  • Attach itemized receipts 
  • Tape down all cash register receipts to an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper
  • Attach proof of payment

OPTION 3: Procurement - Complete a BMED Purchase Request form (PDF) to have the BMED Department purchase your requested items with the department procurement card.

  • Project funding information must be included
  • Project advisor must sign the form to approve the request.  $200 or greater requires Department Chair or Faculty member if it is their account.
  • Submit Purchase Request form via email
  • Orders will be placed by the BMED office as soon as possible, but please plan ahead

Shipping Information: All procurement orders will be shipped to the following address:

California Polytechnic State University
c/o Department of Biomedical Engineering 13-260
1 Grand Avenue San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

Travel Procedures

Before your trip: At least 1 week prior to travel, turn in your completed Travel Pre-Authorization Form to 13-260. If you are driving a personal or state vehicle during your trip, you also need to complete the Authorization to Use Privately owned Vehicles on State Business STD 261.

After your trip: Complete and sign the Travel Claim Form for your mileage reimbursement. Be sure to include your project fund/account number, and attach a copy of your Google Maps route as well as any applicable receipts. Turn in completed travel claim forms to 13-260. For more information about university travel policy and reimbursement rates, see the University Travel Guidelines.

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