Student Employment

What is an Instructional Student Assistant (ISA):

Minimum Qualifications – Must maintain continuous enrollment at Cal Poly in a minimum of 1 unit to be eligible for appointment as an ISA in any academic quarter. No possibility for extension of appointment in a non-enrolled quarter.

Instruction Assistance (all three must apply):

    • The work performed by the student requires specific, advanced knowledge of the course content.
    • The student would be implementing the faculty member’s course content and methodology.
    • The faculty member would be providing appropriate supervision to ensure that the student’s work supports the course content/methodology.


Assessment of student work requiring specific academic knowledge directly related to the subject matter with authority to assign a grade (i.e. test or assignment grades) within a range of points.

Not Grading (use Student Assistant classification for these duties):

Applying a key provided by the instructor to an objective test, calculating a result, and providing it to the instructor or entering it onto a grade roster.

Feeding scantrons into a reader and forwarding the machine’s output to the faculty member or entering the results on a grade roster.

Additional information regarding ISA’s can be found at Academic Personnel.

What is a Student Assistant (SA)

Minimum Qualifications – Must be continuously enrolled at Cal Poly in a minimum of 6 units for undergrad and 4 units for grad for each quarter worked. May work one quarter following graduation.

Perform duties ranging from unskilled to skilled in a variety of positions that typically require the use of manual, clerical, public contact and/or analytical skills. No research or instructional related activities.

A request to hire an ISA must be made by faculty/supervisor. The form will not be processed if submitted by student.

Hiring Process:

Faculty submits a Student Hire Request: Faculty: BMED ISA Student Hire Request.  

 → Department office will proceed with hiring once the Hire Request Form is submitted and initiate ASE 101 and ISA 101 forms.

Forms will be routed to students, faculty and department chair for approvals via AdobeSign.

If you are a new student employee, you must meet with Payroll Services no later than your first day of employment. Once you complete your section of the hiring form in AdobeSign a Payroll staff member will contact you to schedule a virtual Zoom intake. Please Note: First time student employees are required to completed a Student Employment Request Form, documents to complete an I-9 and their original Social Security Card no later than the first day of employment for pay. Students who have already worked at Cal Poly are not required to fill out any forms to be hired into concurrent or subsequent positions. You cannot be paid for any time prior to this intake being completed. For more information: Students – Payroll Services – Cal Poly

Steps to Complete:

→ Step 1 – Enter hours worked on the online timesheet located at  Please note: the SA timesheet is different from the ISA timesheet. Be sure to click on the correct link in your portal for access to your online timesheet.

→ Step 2 – Use the screen print function of your web browser to print/download a copy of your timesheet. Please name your file: LastName_FirstName_Time Period

Step 3 – Submit timesheet to the department for faculty approval using the BMED ISA Timesheet Approval form

Once you have entered your hours through Payroll AND completed the office online form, your hours will be approved and your hours for pay will be issued within the regular pay cycle.

Calendar deadlines for entering time (published calendar) 

Late Timesheet
If you miss the deadline to submit hours using the online form, you will need to submit a late timesheet and your pay period will be interrupted. Late ISA timesheets that are submitted to Payroll Services by the 15th of the month are paid on approximately the 25th. Please email the completed late timesheet to your faculty and the office.  Faculty will email back with approval and then the office will submit the form to payroll for processing. Late Student Timesheet and Instructions.