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Undergraduate Students

Faculty Advisors for current Biomedical Engineering Students.

Engineering Advising Center - The central resource for advising information for engineering students. If you can't find something on the BMED/GENE website, check the advising center!

Tutoring at the Writing and Learning Center - The Writing and Learning Center supports academic achievement by providing peer-to-peer learning opportunities in a welcoming environment. All students are encouraged to engage in free individual and small-group tutoring sessions with trained undergraduate and graduate consultants on any activity, assignment, or exam. Writing and subject-specific peer consultations are available in multiple locations across campus with the main hub in Kennedy Library, Room 111C.

Cal Poly Portal has an Advising tab which contains a large list of advising and related resources.

Student Life Orientation Days is an opportunity for students and supporters to begin their transition to Cal Poly. Student Life Orientation Days begins the orientation process by introducing students and supporters to the campus and city, as well as providing tools and resources to help students be successful. You can get more information about any orientation program from the Orientation Programs main page.


Planning Classes

Please see the BMED Curriculum sheet for course degree requirements and use the BMED Flow Chart as a guide for planning classes. The BMED Technical/Support Elective form should be printed out and as much information completed as possible before visiting your advisor. Curriculum Sheets and Flowcharts can be found at the Registrar's Office website.  Please refer to BMED course offerings for more information.

For specific Biomedical Engineering course information, contact your Advisor or the Department Chair, Dr. Lily Laiho.


BMED Technical Electives

Technical Electives are no longer being accepted in the Biomedical Engineering Department, effective Winter 2015. All courses on the below lists are pre-approved and will be automatically counted toward your degree as Major or Support Electives via your Degree Progress Report. If you attempt to use a course not on these lists for a Major or Support Technical Elective, you must submit a Substitution form in the CENG Advising Center (40-114).

For 4+1 applicants: you are still required to submit a Technical Elective form with your application. Please see your advisor or the CENG Advising center for assistance.

Bioinstrumentation Electives

For those wishing to consider a focus on Bioinstrumentation, the following should be considered:

Technical Electives (14 Units)

* BMED 355 Electrical Engineering Concepts for Biomedical Engineering Students (4)

EE 302/EE 342 Classic Controls(4)

EE 328/EE 368

* BMED 445 Biopotential Instrumentation Lab Course

BMED 555 Neural Modeling and Simulation Support Electives (16 Units)

CHEM 441 

* EE 228 Continuous-Time Signals and Systems

* MATH 344 Linear Analysis II

PHYS 212 Modern Physics II

PHYS 206 Instrumentation in Experimental Physics

PHYS 340 Quantum Physics Laboratory I

PHYS 256 Electrical Measurements Laboratory

math/bio/chem/zoo courses

Notes: * indicates required

Biomaterials Electives

For those interested in a materials focus, consider the following courses:

Tech Electives (choose 14 units)

*MATE 425 – Corrosion Engineering (Required)

IME 326 Engineering Test Design and Analysis (Recommended but not required)

MATE 401 – Materials Characterization

MATE 446/CHEM446 – Surface Chemistry of Materials

MATE 440, MATE445 Welding Metallurgy and Joining of Advanced Materials

MATE 450 Failure Analysis BMED 530 Biomaterials (4)

MATE 310 – Noncrystalline Material Systems

MATE 350 – Structural Materials Systems

Support Electives (choose 16 units):

CE 207 – Strength of Materials II (3)

*Stat 312 – Statistical Methods for Engineers (4)

MATE 222 – Materials Selection for the Life Cycle (4)

Choose bio/chem/math courses

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