High Performance Modeling and Simulation Laboratory

Location: 41-211
Coordinator:  Dr. Scott Hazelwood

The High Performance Modeling and Simulation Laboratory in the Biomedical and General Engineering Department provides exclusive computational facilities for student and faculty research in areas ranging from the subcellular and cellular level to biological organs and systems to materials, medical devices, and implants. The laboratory is equipped with a 5-node Beowulf cluster running AMD Opteron dual core processors that interface with Dell Precision 490 and SUN Ultra 80 workstations. Current research interests supported by the laboratory include biotransport and electrokinetic phenomenon, hard and soft tissue mechanics, cellular and tissue level modeling and simulation, cell and tissue response to diseases and their treatment, the development of advanced materials and manufacturing processes, and the design of devices and implants for use in the biomedical industry. Software available in the laboratory includes MatLab, Abaqus and TrueGrid finite element software, COMSOL simulation software, and Mimics image processing software.