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Hannah-Forbes Fund: Hannah-Forbes funds hands-on biomedical engineering senior theses and senior design projects at Cal Poly.  Students can apply for up to $500 to cover project-related expenses.

Baker and Koob Endowments: The Warren J. Baker Endowment for Excellence in Project-Based Learning and the Robert D. Koob Endowment for Student Success support hands-on, project-based learning opportunities for individual students and groups at Cal Poly.

CENG Student Opportunities

Graduate Student Opportunities

Place an Order

  • Linde: 805-928-3622
  • Matheson: 800-416-2505

Provide the appropriate account number (faculty will instruct you on which account to use).

Use your name as the Customer Reference/Purchase Order number.

When speaking to customer service, request that all empty bottles be picked up during delivery.

Submit the details via this form to the BMED office for payment processing.

→ Lab Gas Order Form (Microsoft Form)

Hiring Process:  A request to hire an ISA must be made by faculty/supervisor. Once faculty submits a hire request, the department office will initiate two forms which will be routed to the student for signature via Adobe Sign. 

  • ASE 101: Agreement between faculty and student outlining job responsibilities.  
  • ISA 101: Payroll appointment record with rate of pay.

New Student Employee: Once you complete your section of the ISA 101 hiring form in Adobe Sign you will receive an email from I-9 tracker.

  • Fill out page 1,
  • Using the link provided, schedule your intake appointment with Payroll to complete a Student Employment Request Form (SERF) and I-9.  

Note: You must meet with Payroll Services no later than your first day of employment. You cannot be paid for any time prior to your intake being completed.

Please bring the following with you for your intake appointment:

Getting Paid:
  • → Step 1: Enter hours worked on your online timesheet. A student may not work more than 20 hours per week in all student jobs combined. If you work for multiple faculty within the same department, enter them together. Instructions for entering time.
  • → Step 2: Use the screen print function of your web browser to download a copy of your timesheet for your records (does not need to be submitted to the office).
Once you have entered your hours for the pay period, the office will approve and your pay will be issued within the regular pay cycle. Students are paid approximately on the 15th of the next month. Students can sign up for Direct Deposit to their bank account (you will need to provide your bank account# and routing# to Payroll) or pick up your paycheck at the Student Accounts window in Bldg 001, Rm. 211. Bring a photo ID to show at the time of pick up.
Late Timesheet
If you miss the deadline to submit hours using the online form, you will need to submit a late timesheet and your pay period will be interrupted. Late ISA timesheets that are submitted to Payroll Services by the 15th of the month are paid on approximately the 25th. Please email the completed late timesheet to your faculty and the office.  Faculty will email back with approval and then the office will submit the form to payroll for processing. Late Student Timesheet and Instructions.  

More information: 
Cal Employee Connect – Payroll Services – Cal Poly – Direct Deposit, W2 information, Cal Employee Connect login

Students: If you have been asked by faculty to sign a form for lab safety procedures and/or access, please review and sign the form below. If you need access to a room/lab after you have completed the proper safety and equipment training, reach out to faculty who will submit an access request to the office on your behalf. 

→ BMED - Lab Safety and Access Agreements (Microsoft Form)
→ TECHE Lab - Lab Safety and Access Agreement (Microsoft Form)

Please consult with the instructor and confirm that they will provide you with a permission number or a prerequisite course waiver before submitting a request.

Prerequisite Course Waiver Request: You are required to meet the prerequisites prior to taking a class. However, in some situations a waiver may be granted. Students who wish to enroll in a BMED prefix course but have not completed all of the required prerequisites must complete this form. If appropriate, the department chair may differ to the course instructor.

Using your Cal Poly email address, initiate the form. An agreement from Adobe Sign will be emailed to you. Open the document and complete all required fields.

 → Prerequisite Course Waiver Request (Adobe Sign)

Independent Study or Research Course Permission Number: Permission number request for biomedical engineering courses (BMED prefix): 300, 400, 459, 495, 500, 593, 599. If the course number you need is not on this list, please complete a Prerequisite Course Waiver Request (above).

Using your Cal Poly email address, initiate the form. An agreement from Adobe Sign will be emailed to you. Open the document and complete all required fields.

→ Independent Study or Research Course Permission Number (Adobe Sign)

Once your request has been approved by faculty/office you will receive an email notification from Adobe Sign. Open the link provided and download a copy of the agreement to locate your permission number.

Please read the “BMED Guide to Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)” before completing the form below so you can specify the appropriate printer technology and material selection.

1. Fill out the form below to request print job.

2. Name each file (Solidworks and STL) using the following nomenclature: YY-MM_LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_Part_#

3. Upload your 3D model(s) .

→ BMED 3D Print Request (Microsoft Form)
→ 3D Print Job File Upload (Sharepoint)

Please read through and follow these directions before filling out the Purchase Request form:

Lab Supply Exchange: Check to see if Distribution Services – Lab Supply Exchange has what you need.

Multiple vendors: You should use one purchase request for multiple vendors. Group items from same vendor together on the form.

Shopping carts: If you have the option of assigning a shopping cart on a vendor site, create the cart and include the cart link on the purchase request. • The site must allow you to share a cart (look for a share or email icon). Simply putting your items in a cart will show as empty to other users. • Please list the items in your cart on the purchase request so faculty can view them. Note: You must use a cart for McMaster-Carr and DigiKey.

Amazon orders: Does not support sharing a cart directly from their site. Note: If you are ordering more than one item from Amazon, use the plugin, Share-A-Cart. Create the cart and include the share-a-cart link on the purchase request. Include a brief description of requested items in the comments section and the total dollar amount.

Purchase in person: Get approval from your advisor and then request reimbursement. Home Depot does not allow for certain items (e.g., lumber) to be purchased online, they must be bought in-store. Note: If the office is able to place your order online at Home Depot, you will need to be able to pick it up from the SLO store.

Manufacturing: If you need to have an item manufactured uploading your own files/specs, set up your account with the company and add in all information for the order up to the point of payment. Submit a purchase request with all corresponding information for the order: login/password, payment link, quote, shopping cart, or business phone number. The office will login to your account and make payment.

Machining: To set up paying for CNC machining contact the Mustang ’60 Machine Shop. Your machining needs will be evaluated and a shop tech will be assigned. The tech assigned to you will complete the proper paperwork and send the bill to the ME department for processing when the work is completed. Please refrain from buying any material before talking to the tech you are working with. You will need to provide: student name, phone, address, signature, org key or fund number for billing (ask your faculty).

Shipping rate: The least expensive shipping rate will be chosen unless indicated otherwise.

Temperature sensitive order: If you have ordered an item that is temperature sensitive/needs refrigeration, it is your responsibility to track your package and ensure that you are able to properly take care of it upon delivery. Please note on the purchase request if it needs to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer on delivery.

Budget: The office does not track your budget. When planning your project budget, remember that taxes and shipping will be added to the final cost. All email from the vendor regarding your order (confirmation, shipping, final invoice) will be forwarded to your Cal Poly email. Hold on to your receipts for your budget tracking.

Backorders: It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of any items on backorder and contact the BMED office immediately when an issue arises.

Returns/issues with your order:  If you need to return an item, first contact the company regarding their return policy. Once you have the information needed to make the return, email the BMED office with the details. Based on the vendors return policies, you will most likely need to box the item in the original packaging and drop off the package to the nearest shipping store.

Ship-to Address: 

California Polytechnic State University
Attn: Student Name
1 Grand Avenue, BMED 13-260
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

Place Your Order: Complete a BMED Purchase Request form (for goods up to $2,500.00) to have the office purchase your requested items with the department procurement card. By submitting this order, you are confirming that you have read the above directions and understand your responsibilities.

Use your Cal Poly email to initiate the form. An agreement from Adobe Sign will be emailed to you. Open the document and complete all required fields. If you are ordering for a Club or IRA, enter the club treasurers email in the Faculty Approver field. They will review and delegate to the Faculty Advisor for final approval.

→ BMED Purchase Request (Adobe Sign)

This process is only to be used if the department procurement card is not available and approved by your project advisor. Student purchases project materials utilizing their own funds and request reimbursement. Note: Reimbursement is not guaranteed, only to be used if you are sure that your purchase complies with eligibility requirements. 

Please hold all receipts and wait to submit for reimbursement until all project purchasing is complete.

Reimbursement Form: Please ask your faculty where your funds are coming from (State or CPP) to select the correct reimbursement form.

→ If you are utilizing State FundsReimbursement Form. Please download and fill out. The office will fill in Chartfields on Step 4. 

→ If you are utilizing CPP FundsCheck Request Form (Excel). Please download and fill out. The office will fill in Org Key and Object Codes

Email form in its original excel format and all required documentation listed below to the BMED office who will route it for signature approval and submit for payment processing.

Receipts: Number your itemized receipts/invoices (photo or scan is acceptable). They must include the following information: date, vendor or payee name, amount paid, showing shipping and tax separately, proof of payment (cash, credit card, personal check), description of the item(s) purchased.

Proof of Payment: Attach proof of payment in the form of a bank statement or a screenshot of the charges on your credit card (personal information should be redacted).

Hospitality: Please submit a Hospitality Form (PDF) with your reimbursement request if this is for an event/hosting (includes food, beverages, or CP logoed merchandise).

When will I receive my check:

State Reimbursement: You will receive an email when your reimbursement check is available for pickup in the BMED office. Reimbursements typically take two weeks for processing once it is approved by the BMED office for payment.

CPP Check Request: Your check will be mailed to you. Check Requests typically take two weeks for processing once it is approved by the BMED office for payment.

If you need to ship project related materials (with faculty approval) the office can generate and email you a shipping label through UPS CampusShip. The cost will be billed to the fund you provide. You are responsible for boxing up and dropping off the items to be shipped to the nearest UPS store. 

→ Request a Shipping Label (Microsoft Form)

All travel must be discussed and approved by your faculty at least two weeks prior to travel.

BS Biomedical Engineering

  1. Directions to submit your senior project can be found at Digital Commons. No further action is required through the BMED office. Please note: The Digital Commons submission fee is the responsibility of the student/team and project funds can not be used.

MS Biomedical Engineering (Blended and MS)

  1. Follow the steps outlined by the Graduate Education office here.
  2. Schedule your defense with your committee and complete the form here.
  3. Reserve a room by contacting the BMED office with your room preference. Available rooms suitable for defense: 192-329, 192-330, 192-331, 38-133 (subject to availability).
  4. After successfully defending, complete the Thesis/Project Approval Form and submit your thesis/project report.
  5. Thesis and project reports not subject to IP protection, please follow the directions at Graduate Education for your Masters thesis. (Publication may be “embargoed” or delayed for 2-5 years).