Biomedical Clinical Engineering Partnership (BiCEP)


The BiCEP program engages students in clinical experiences and project development training through a 10-week summer program. At the core of the BiCEP program are two parts:

  1. 10-week Summer Immersion in Design Experience (SIDE) course focusing on the device design and development process and entrepreneurship in the biomedical space, and
  2. 6-week Clinical Immersion Experience (CLINEX) program (concurrent with the SIDE course) that engages students with clinical mentors in a hospital setting.

Students will receive a $1000 USD stipend for their participation in the program to help support their summer living expenses.

The course will include:

Education in professional behavior in a clinical setting, responsible conduct of research, privacy and regulatory issues, engineering design lifecycle, and applied prototyping skills.

Training students for participation in the Clinical Immersion, the SIDE course will focus on training and execution of the engineering design cycle (design, build, test) and biomedical entrepreneurship (needs finding, ideation, market and business development, regulatory constraints, and patent issues).

The SIDE is a 4-unit, 400-level course for which students get degree credit. Students participating in the program must enroll and pay summer tuition and fees.

The CLINEX will place students in a clinical setting with a physician or clinician mentor. This program includes:

Spans a minimum of 6 weeks concurrent with the SIDE course the Summer

Takes place at Tenant Health Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and Tenant Health clinics in San Luis Obispo.

Students will be placed in teams and paired with a local physician mentor.

Each student group will periodically present a summary of their collective observations and reflections to the larger group.

 Students will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the clinic. All clinical sites will be in San Luis Obispo and a reasonable distance from the university.

After completing the SIDE/CLINEX program, students engage with the undergraduate BMED curriculum by presenting their experiences and project prototypes in lower-division courses, developing classroom applications in upper-division courses, and acting as clients along with their clinical mentors for senior design projects.

Participants are expected to engage in a selection of these activities as part of their BiCEP experience.

Undergraduate students in the Biomedical Engineering program are eligible to apply if they will have completed the following coursework by Summer:  BMED 212, EE 201, ME 212, CE 204

You can apply to participate by clicking the link below and providing the following application materials:

A personal statement. A letter describing why you are interested in enrolling in the Clinical Immersion Program, why you would be a good candidate for the program, and how it will benefit your future studies and career.

Unofficial transcripts. A PDF copy of your student center transcript.

A reference/recommendation. Provide the name and email address of someone who can speak to your professionalism and abilities as an engineer.

(optional) Financial Need Statement. A brief letter describing the challenges you are facing and how additional stipend funds would better enable you to participate in the program.

You must also be willing to commit to the following:

Full participation throughout the BiCEP program (10 weeks in summer)

Completing all mandatory vaccinations required by the clinical site

Successfully pass a preclinical drug test

Successfully pass a background check

Clinical Immersion Partnership Application

Due: March 30, 2024 / Decision: April 14, 2024

Interested in partnering?

If you are interested in partnering with the Cal Poly BMED BiCEP program, please contact