Domestic Student Travel

Travel must be discussed and approved by faculty two weeks prior to travel. Please read the following directions and initiate the BMED Travel Pre-Authorization Adobe Sign form.

MEDITEC Student Travel

If you are traveling for a MEDITEC project (regardless of the class), follow directions at: MEDITEC Current Students and route the form to Dr. Cardinal for advisor approval.

International Student Travel

Students representing Cal Poly (paid by University funds or not) MUST register with the  International Center to ensure proper duty of care and insurance is in place for the traveler. 

Defensive Driver Safety Program (to be completed if you will be driving)

If you are not driving, skip to Travel Pre-Authorization section below.

If you will be driving, either your personal vehicle or a rental, you must complete all steps of the Driver Safety Training before you travel. You are not authorized to drive until you have received notification of approval from Risk Management. Due to high request volume, please submit applications and supplemental documentation at least 30 days prior to travel.  Note: Students must complete Driver Safety Training each academic year.

1. Required Documentation

Volunteer Assignment:  In the Adobe Sign form fields “Requester” and “Volunteer” use your Cal Poly email. In the “Department Head” form field enter

→ EHS-Volunteer Assignment Form (Adobe Sign) 

Authorization to use Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business: 

→ RM-STD261 (Adobe Sign)

Once both forms are signed, download a copy and submit with your ROV application (below). For additional information and to learn more about each program, please refer to Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management-Driver Safety.

2. Complete Driver Program

For complete program information, please refer to the Defensive Driver Program. The training module below is for volunteers and anyone without access to the Learning Hub.

→ Defensive Driver Training ( 

3. Complete ROV Application

Request to Operate a Vehicle: In the form field “Driver’s Supervisor” enter On page 1 under “Driver Assignment” check the box “Personal Vehicle”

→ Request to Operate a Vehicle (Adobe Sign) 

You will need to attach the following to your application:

  • Both sides of your Driver’s License.
  • Driving Record if you have an out of state license.
  • Copy of certificate(s) of completed trainings with full name and date.
  • Signed Volunteer Verification form.

Travel Pre-Authorization (to be completed by all travelers)

You must receive pre-authorization to travel using Cal Poly funds.

Use your Cal Poly email to initiate the form. An agreement from Adobe Sign will be emailed to you. Open the document and complete all required fields.

Download and save a copy of the approved/signed form to submit with your Travel Claim.

BMED Travel Pre-Authorization (Adobe Sign)

Travel Guidelines (all travelers)

Make travel arrangements once your pre-authorization is approved. Please check with faculty about your budget and funding source. There are different allowable expenses depending on the project you are working on. The below amounts are do not exceed amounts. 

  • Meals: Up to $59/day. Meals are not reimbursed with travel less than 24 hours.
  • Hotel: $275 maximum excluding taxes, itemized receipts required. 
  • Personal Vehicle: Complete Defensive Driver Safety Program steps above.
  • Rental Vehicle: Complete Defensive Driver Safety Program steps above. Work with the BMED office to book a rental.


  • Travel packages containing air, hotel and/or car should not be purchased unless itemized receipts are obtainable.
  • If travel is within 25 miles from home/Cal Poly a claim can’t be filed.
  • Travel using State funds: University Travel Guidelines
  • Travel using CPP funds: CPC Travel Guidelines 

Travel Claim (to be completed if you will be seeking reimburement for travel expenses)

Within 10 days from the return of your trip complete and email the BMED office the following together: 

Travel Claim Form 2024: Fill in student information and travel details on the form and email it to the office in the original excel format. The office will fill in fund and department information. It will then be routed back to student for signature.  

Google Map: If you will be claiming mileage, download a copy of map showing your route and total miles. 

Travel Pre-Authorization: Include your approved/signed Travel Pre-Authorization.

Receipts: Attach receipts for expenses $75 or more. Receipts must show final cost, itemized list of what was purchased, proof of payment, and date of purchase. 

Proof of Payment: Bank statement showing charge for expenses $75 or more (personal information should be redacted).

When will I receive my check: Travel claim reimbursements typically take two weeks for processing once it is approved by the BMED office for payment.

More information can be found at University Travel.