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MEDITEC (Medical Engineering Development and Integrated Technology Enhancement and Integrated Technology Enhancement Consortium) is a program that allows biomedical device companies to submit projects for Cal Poly students to work on during the academic year. This allows a collaborative partnership that provides companies with tangible project results and valuable student interactions while educating the next generation of industry-ready engineers. 

The MEDITEC program matches engineering students from a variety of disciplines with projects proposed and supported by the biomedical device industry. Projects range from designing new fixtures for manufacturing, to testing new materials for device components, to semi-automating manual processes, and more. 

The program began in 2005 with St Jude Medical as the initial member, and it has grown to include numerous companies participating occasionally or regularly at various levels. Current and past participants include Edwards Lifesciences, Stryker Neurovascular, Intuitive Surgical, Abbott Vascular, and Boston Scientific.

Cal Poly MEDITEC Director: The person at Cal Poly that organizes and runs the program. This person is responsible for selecting and interfacing with students, working with the Industry Champion to obtain, scope, and oversee projects, and managing the budget and overall program throughout the year.

Industry MEDITEC Champion: The person within a particular company that rounds up internal projects and serves as the main point of contact for planning or soliciting projects, obtaining funding for the projects, communicating with the technical advisors, and working with the Cal Poly MEDITEC Director to run the program throughout the year.

Industry Technical Advisor: The industry representative that proposes/provides the project. This technical advisor should meet weekly or biweekly with their team of students to answer questions, ensure progress is being made as desired, and help guide the project to success.

Cal Poly Students: Typically 1-4 students per project. These students can come from a variety of disciplines within the College of Engineering, and can be undergraduate or Master’s level students, depending on the scope and needs of the project.

Cal Poly Project Support: The person at Cal Poly who helps with travel and purchasing paperwork, and other administrative processes.

August: Project solicitation from companies. Projects are scoped and refined with the Cal Poly MEDITEC Director to maximize chances of success.

End of August: Students submit applications and resumes.

Early September: Student interviews and project matching.

Mid-September: Project kick-offs Projects typically span the academic year. Teams talk to their industry technical advisor weekly or biweekly by phone, skype, or other means.

February: Interim Presentations (at Cal Poly)

June: Final Presentations (at Industry sites)

Students gain experience working on dynamic, real-world problems.

Students gain exposure to the medical device industry.

Program helps increase the number of quality projects and technical advising available.

Interaction with bright, fresh minds from various majors.

Ability to work on “back burner” or side projects or explore new directions.

Project work remains confidential and all IP belongs to the company.

Opportunity to use as a recruiting or screening tool for future interns, co-ops, or full time hires.

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Contact Information:

For MEDITEC program, project scoping, and project submission questions, contact the Cal Poly MEDITEC Director, Professor Kristen O’Halloran Cardinal: 805-756-2675,

For project support and administrative questions, please contact the BMED office: 805-756-6407,