MEDITEC Project Examples

Projects can come from anywhere within a company, including R&D groups, Manufacturing, Quality, Preclinical, Regulatory, or others, and can include skills related to design, fabrication, automation, testing, material characterization, exploratory research, data analysis, and more. 

Some generic examples of projects that have been proposed and performed through the MEDITEC program include:

Design and fabricate a manufacturing aid to assist operators with assembly

Test material characteristics of a device component

Design a system to automate or semi-automate an existing manual process

Optimize a protocol for a series of operations required on the manufacturing floor

Design and fabricate a fixture to accommodate fatigue testing of a device

Develop an analytical model to help understand and predict device interactions

Evaluate cytotoxicity and other cell interactions with various biomaterials

Design and prototype novel product concepts

Evaluate new fabrication techniques for device manufacturing

Compile a database of specific regulatory guidelines and information for a particular application in designated areas of the world

Explore novel technologies and perform proof of concept testing to identify viable options