Industrial Advisory Board

Mission Statement

The Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, BMED Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) is a group of relevant industry representatives who provide an independent, industry-focused perspective to the administration, faculty and students of the BMED program.

The primary goal of the IAB is to continuously improve program effectiveness so that graduates are competitive in industry and that the program is a leader in educating future biomedical engineers. In order to achieve this, the IAB collaborates with the administration and faculty to provide input and recommendations on curriculum, strategic direction, current industry needs, emerging industries, and cutting-edge technological trends.

The IAB offers opportunities and advice to the students, advocates for the BMED program externally, and provides the department with support whenever requested.


  • • To assist the department in maintaining the excellence of its biomedical engineering program and to encourage it to continue its traditional ‘hands-on’ approach to engineering education.
  • • Help keep the Department up-to-date on current and future needs of graduates.
  • • Assist the Department in developing and implementing its goals.
  • • Create an opportunity for the Department’s faculty and administration to exchange ideas with people in industry.
  • • Help industry leaders better understand the Department’s mission and assist the Department in seeking public and private support.
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