MEDITEC Prospective Students

MEDITEC provides Cal Poly students with hands-on, real-world projects and exposure to the medical device industry. Students interact directly with industry professionals to complete projects for R&D, Manufacturing, Quality, Regulatory, or others. These projects can build upon and enhance student skills in technical areas including design, material testing, process development, process optimization, instrumentation, automation, mechatronics, and more, while also building skills in teamwork, problem-solving, and communication.

In addition to gaining relevant skills for the medical device industry, the MEDITEC program also provides a valuable opportunity to network with potential future employers. Many students go on to have internships, co-ops, or full time positions with the companies they work with through MEDITEC.

MEDITEC projects can potentially start at any time during the academic year, but the majority of projects kick-off at the beginning of Fall quarter. This means that applications should be submitted in August.

Students at any stage of their academic program at Cal Poly can apply. During the project matching process, it may be helpful, or required, to have certain skill sets or prior experience. However for some projects, the skill sets will be obtained and learned throughout the project. For all projects, students must be proactive, independent, and self-driven; students must be able to communicate and interact with the industry advisor remotely, and students must also be able to persevere when challenges arise or failures occur.

Students should only accept a MEDITEC project if they can commit to the entire duration of the project. i.e. Students planning to travel abroad or perform a co-op during the academic year may not be good candidates for a MEDITEC project. 

To be considered for a MEDITEC project, you can submit an application and resume at:

Edwards / Dr. Kristen O'Halloran Cardinal: Edwards/MEDITEC Student Project Application

How much time will I need to put into my MEDITEC project?  Time commitment varies by team, by project, and by week. For example, you may work more hours some weeks, and less hours during a busy midterm week. It is up to each student to plan their weekly schedule and hours to complete milestones and ensure project progress and overall success. In general, each student on the team should have at least 5 hours per week to devote to the project.

If I have a specific company I want to work with, can I request that?  If you have a particular company or industry group you’d like to work with, you can mention that in the Summary box at the end of the application. Please also justify your request. Requests will be considered but not guaranteed.

Do I get to pick my teammates?  The Cal Poly MEDITEC Director is responsible for putting together teams with appropriate backgrounds and skillsets, so generally students do not choose their teams. However, if you have a classmate or know of someone that is interested or would be a good fit for MEDITEC or your particular project, you are encouraged to have them apply. Comments regarding suggested teammates can be made in the Summary box at the end of the application.

How does the confidentiality work?  Can I put this project in my portfolio?  All MEDITEC projects are covered by confidentiality and intellectual property agreements, and students must strictly adhere to these agreements. Projects cannot be discussed or disclosed in public settings without specific written approval from the company. This means that you should not expect to put your project in a portfolio or to present it at an expo or other public venue. However, you can include the experience on your resume in a way that maintains confidentiality of project details. The Cal Poly MEDITEC Director works with students to properly capture the skills gained from the experience for resumes and interviews, while ensuring confidentiality is maintained for our industry partners.

Will I get to travel to the industry site to see the company in person?  Yes! Most teams travel to the industry site about once per quarter. These trips allow students to have in-person meetings with their technical advisor and other stakeholders, to take tours of the manufacturing floor, R&D labs, or other relevant facilities, to use specialized equipment if necessary, and to enhance their networking and interaction with the company. Costs for traveling to the company are covered, including mileage, food, and lodging.