MEDITEC Current Students

Access: There is a small space in the ATL for Edwards MEDITEC work. It is equipped with a few tables and provides a private space to work and meet.  If your team would like access, please designate one person to take responsibility for requesting a key. 

There is not much space so it needs to be used and shared wisely. If you request access to this room, make sure you are ready to be organized and responsible about it. 

All items in the room MUST be labeled with your name, contact phone number, and the current year. 

Everything that gets put in there must be REMOVED in June. This means that you are responsible for getting supplies/equipment back to Edwards, or to wherever it needs to go. 

The room is located in the ATL, and accessed via a hard key (i.e. not a swipe card or ID card). You must keep track of your key, the key shop is strict about putting registration and graduation holds on students that don’t return keys. When you use your key to open the door, it often unlocks the door. YOU MUST LOCK THE DOOR BEFORE YOU LEAVE for security reasons. 

If your team would like access to the ATL Edwards room 007-7A, key 105C-3:

At least one representative from your team (the one that will be responsible for the key), must attend a 10 minute meeting with Dr. O’Halloran Cardinal, at the room to show you the layout and explain the rules and organization.  

After you’ve met with Dr. O’Halloran Cardinal at the room, you need to email her the following information for the person that will be responsible for the key: Name, Cal Poly User Name, Phone Number.

Scheduling: Below is a link to schedule private time in the ATL Edwards room. Signup is for times you need to minimize background noise and distractions (example: your team’s weekly phone call).  However, if you are just planning to go in there to work, multiple teams can use it at once, and it is not necessary to sign up. The best use of this spreadsheet is to block off times you need the room to yourself, so that others know they can’t use it during those slots. Otherwise assume it’s available for use by multiple teams. 

To signup, please choose a color and add in your Team #, Contact Name, Contact Info, & Team Title. Then block off your time using your color and Team #. If you have any special requests, please contact each team representative directly.

→ Meditec-Edwards ATL Scheduling

Please read through and follow these directions before filling out the Purchase Request form:

Multiple vendors: Use one form for multiple vendors. Group items from same vendor together on the form.

Shopping carts: If you have the option of assigning a shopping cart on a vendor site, create the cart and include the cart link on the purchase request. • Make sure the cart saves by checking your link before you put it on the request. • Please list the items in your cart on the Purchase Request so faculty can view them. Note: You must use a cart for McMaster-Carr and DigiKey.

Amazon orders: Does not support sharing a cart directly from their site so if you are ordering numerous items from Amazon use the plugin, Share-A-Cart. Create the cart and include the share-a-cart link on the purchase request.

Purchase in person: Get approval from the BMED office to purchase in person and then request reimbursement. Home Depot does not allow for certain items (lumber) to be purchased online, they must be bought in-store. If you order from Home Depot, you will need to be able to pick it up from the SLO store.

Manufacturing: If you need to have an item manufactured uploading your own files/specs, set up your account with the company and add in all information for the order up to the point of payment. Submit a purchase request with all corresponding information for the order: login/password, payment link, quote, shopping cart, or business phone number. The office will login to your account and make payment.

Shipping rate: The least expensive shipping rate will be chosen unless indicated otherwise.

Temp sensitive order: If you have ordered an item that is temperature sensitive/needs refrigeration, it is your responsibility to track your package and ensure that you are able to properly take care of it upon delivery.  

Budget: The office does not track your budget. When planning your project budget, remember that taxes and shipping will be added to the final cost. All email from the vendor regarding your order (confirmation, shipping, final invoice) will be forwarded to your Cal Poly email. Hold on to your receipts for your budget tracking.

Backorders: It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of any items on backorder and contact the BMED office immediately when an issue arises.

Returns/issues with your order:  If you need to return an item, first contact the company regarding their return policy. Once you have the information needed to make the return, email the BMED office with the details. Based on the vendors return policies, you will most likely need to box the item in the original packaging and drop off the package to the nearest shipping store.

Ship-to Address: All items coming from Edwards must be shipped and received on campus at the below address. 

Attn: Dr. K Cardinal/Student Name 
California Polytechnic State University 
1 Grand Avenue, BMED 13-260
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

Place Your Order: Complete a BMED Purchase Request form (for goods up to $2,500.00) to have the office purchase your requested items with the department procurement card. By submitting this order, you are confirming that you have read the above directions and understand your responsibilities.

Use your Cal Poly email to initiate the form. In the “Advisor” form field enter

An agreement from Adobe Sign will be emailed to you. Open the document and complete all required fields.

→ BMED Purchase Request (Adobe Sign)

Reimbursement: Student purchases project materials utilizing their own funds and request reimbursement. Only to be used if the first option is not available and approved by the BMED office. 

CPC FundingCheck Request Form (Excel),. Please download and fill out. The office will fill in Org Key and Object Codes. Email form in its original excel format and all required documentation listed below to the BMED office who will route it for signature approval and submit for payment processing.

If you ordered from multiple vendors, list 1 vendor/transaction per line (regardless of how many items bought in the transaction).

Attach a copy of itemized receipts.

Receipts must show the final cost, itemized list of what was purchased, provide proof of payment (shows how was it paid) and include the date of purchase.

Attach proof of payment in the form of a bank statement or a screenshot of the charges on your credit card (personal information should be redacted).

If you are missing a receipt please fill out a Missing Receipt Form.

CPC Check Request: Your check will be mailed to you. Check Requests typically take two weeks for processing once it is approved by the BMED office for payment.

I want to ask my math/engineering/chemistry/etc professor a question about my project, but they did not sign the NDA. Can I talk to them about the project?  Maybe. It depends on what you want to ask. If you have a question about how a certain process works, or how to manufacture a certain geometry, or how to run stats on a certain data set, and you can ask your question about the general process, geometry, type of data, etc – without talking about confidential details of your project or your application, then you can ask the question in general terms. If you need to disclose confidential details in order to seek their input or guidance, then you must talk with Professor Cardinal about getting the necessary paperwork in place. Not all faculty are willing to sign NDAs.

We haven’t heard back from our industry technical advisor in almost two weeks, and we can’t move forward without their input. What should we do?  First, send a follow-up email. Then, try calling their work phone number. And finally, let Professor Cardinal know and include her on an additional follow-up email. It is important to remember that your industry technical advisor has a very busy full-time job, and you may need to be persistent and pro-active to keep the project moving forward.

I will be going to the career fair and I want to put this on my resume. What can I include?  Generally, you can put that you are working on a MEDITEC project and list the company name. You can include a broad and generic title of the project (e.g. “Improving device manufacturing”) and you can list the skillsets you’ve used (e.g. Solidworks, CNC machining, fatigue testing, etc). You cannot include any details or confidential information. Please see Professor Cardinal to have your resume reviewed and approved, and to discuss the best way to include your experience in an interview. Having MEDITEC on your resume and as a talking point can be really helpful if you approach it properly!

We need to have some supplies sent to us. What address should we use?  Always have the supplies sent to campus (not a home address). You should use the following shipping address:

California Polytechnic State University 
Attn: Dr. K Cardinal/Student Name 
1 Grand Avenue, BMED 13-260
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407

   ♦  Travel Information

Defensive Driver Safety Program (to be completed if you will be driving)

If you will be driving, either your personal vehicle or a rental, you must complete all steps of the Driver Safety Training before you travel. You are not authorized to drive until you have received notification of approval from Risk Management. Due to high request volume, please submit applications and supplemental documentation at least 30 days prior to travel.

Note: Students must complete Driver Safety Training each academic year.

1. Complete Volunteer Form

2. Complete Driver Program

3. Complete ROV Application

Volunteer Verification Form – In the Adobe Sign form fields “Requester” and “Volunteer” use your Cal Poly email. In the “Department Head” form field enter

Request to Operate a Vehicle (Adobe Sign) – In the form field “Driver’s Supervisor” enter  

Note: On page 1 under “Driver Assignment” check the box “Personal Vehicle”

Travel Pre-Authorization (to be completed by all travelers)

You must receive pre-authorization to travel using Cal Poly funds.

Traveling to the same site several times during the academic year: complete the form once by indicating in the date fields:  From= Sept-Current Year, To= July-Year

You must be 18 years or older to complete this process. If you are under the age of 18, contact the office for the correct paperwork.

Use your Cal Poly email to initiate the form. In the “Advisor” form field enter

An agreement from Adobe Sign will be emailed to you. Open the document and complete all required fields.

Download and save a copy of the approved/signed form to submit with your Travel Claim.

BMED Travel Pre-Authorization (Adobe Sign)

Travel (all travelers)

Make travel arrangements once your pre-authorization is approved. The below amounts are guidelines. 

  • Meals: Up to $59/day. Meals are not reimbursed with travel less than 24 hours.
  • Hotel: Not to exceed $175 per night (unless approved ahead of time). Students should share a room when possible.
  • Personal Vehicle: Complete Defensive Driver Safety Program steps above.
  • Rental Vehicle: Please discuss and get approval from Dr. Cardinal before renting a car. Complete Defensive Driver Safety Program steps above.


  • Travel packages containing air, hotel and/or car should not be purchased unless itemize receipts are obtainable.
  • If travel is within 25 miles from home/Cal Poly a claim can’t be filed.
  • Travel guidelines using CPC funds: CPC Travel Guidelines 

Travel Claim (to be completed if you will be seeking reimburement for travel expenses)

Within 10 days from the return of your trip complete and email the BMED office the following together: 

Travel Claim Form 2024: Fill in student information and travel details on the form and email it to the office in the original excel format. The office will fill in fund and department information. It will then be routed back to you for signature.  

Google Map: If you will be claiming mileage, download a copy of map showing your route and total miles. 

Travel Pre-Authorization: Include your approved/signed Travel Pre-Authorization.

Receipts: Attach receipts for expenses $75 or more. Receipts must show final cost, itemized list of what was purchased, proof of payment, and date of purchase. 

Proof of Payment: Bank statement showing charge for expenses $75 or more (personal information should be redacted).

NOTES section: Add a note explaining who drove or who drove with you in your car. Who paid for hotel and who stayed in the room. Please indicate their first and last names.

When will I receive my check: Travel claim reimbursements typically take two weeks for processing once it is approved by the BMED office for payment.

More information: Travel-Guidelines.pdf (