David Clague
David Clague – Professor

Office: 41A-223
Phone Number: 805-756-5145
Email: dclague@calpoly.edu


Dr. Clague holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from UCSB and a M.S. & Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, from UC Davis ‘97, with a specialty in hindered transport phenomena, “fluid flow and hindered diffusion in dilute fibrous media.” Between his B.S. and graduate studies, Dr. Clague worked for 5 years at Space Systems Loral as an R&D Materials Engineer. Following his Ph.D. work, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Los Alamos National Laboratory and later worked for 9.5 years in the Micro and Nanotechnology Center at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where he served on teams developing microfludic and biodetection technologies.

At Cal Poly, he has served as the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Coordinator and mentors research in i) numerical modeling of vascular flows (with and without aneurysms) and drug delivery, ii) modeling, design and manufacture of microfluidic separation and detection platforms, and novel paper-microfluidic detection platforms.

Students in Dr. Clague’s research group develop skills in analysis of Transport Phenomena (fluids, heat and mass transfer), numerical analysis (COMSOL and Brownian Dynamics), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Microfluidics with sensing, Paper-Microfluidics with immuno-assays, which combines the associated transport & mechanical design analysis, device manufacturing and experimentation.

In his lab, students have the opportunity to perform numerical simulation & analysis, design and build devices, and perform experiments.  He mentors both graduate and undergraduate students, which includes Thesis, Project, and Special Project students.  Students who would like to assist on existing projects are welcome to inquire about opportunities.

Research Interests

BioMEMS & Microfluidics
Biotransport Phenomena
Clinical Diagnostics & Bioseparations
Numerical Modelinghas