Biofluidics Lab

Location: ATL, St. Jude Lab
Coordinator: Dr. David Clague

The Biofludics laboratory focuses on biofluids characterization, microfluidics and Bio-MEMS. The biofluids side of the laboratory is equipped with a capillary rheometer, Osmotic pressure meter and a fluid properties characterization meter (conductivity, ionic strength, pH and dissolved gasses). The microfluidics side of the laboratory is equipped with two microfluidic test stations. Each microfluidic test station has a LabSmith video microscope and three Harvard apparatus Plus 11 syringe pumps. In addition to these capabilities, we have a LabSmith DC power supply, Tektronix signal function generator, and 4 high end workstations for design and analysis, one of which is equipped with National Instruments capabilities to perform Impedance sensing and AC-signal function generation. 

Students design, manufacture and model microfluidic chips. Additionally, students prepare and characterize reagents and conduct microfluidic experiments.