Microcirculation and Vascular Regeneration Laboratory

Location: 192-328 & 181-451(A)
Coordinator:  Dr. Trevor Cardinal

Spring Lab BBQ 2018
Spring Lab BBQ 2018

Principal Investigator
Trevor Cardinal, PhD

Graduate Students
Isobelle Espiritu
Ricardo Lasa
Jessica Scherer
Colleen Richards
Quentin Klueter

Undergraduate Students
Olivia Welch
Jordan Ambrose
Ada Tadeo
Nick Dion
Sammi Shi
Christine Do
Jaden Frazier
Elsa Bean
Karly Knox
Mahina Saucedo
Makenzie Jones
Randy Hau
Simon Park
Chloe Zimovets

Laboratory Mission Statement
The mission of our lab is to advance biomedical understanding while educating future generations of scientists and engineers, providing students with opportunities to learn by creating knowledge and ideas. Our primary objective is to understand the impact of vascular disease on blood flow control, which we hope will provide the foundation for advanced therapeutics to improve vascular health.

General Research Interests
Our laboratory is at the nexus of two fields- microcirculation and cardiovascular regenerative medicine, hence the lab name. Specifically, we are interested in how the regulation of skeletal muscle blood flow is impacted by arteriogenesis* and risk factors for vascular disease. Studies investigating blood flow control are typical in the microcirculation field, while studies investigating arteriogenesis are typical in the cardiovascular regenerative medidine field. We combine these two fields to understand how various aspects of vascular disease impact the control of skeletal muscle blood flow. Unfortunately, vascular disease and its many risk factors impair the regulation of skeletal muscle blood flow, which can lead to leg pain while walking and decreased quality of life. Although all tissues depend on nutrient and waste exchange through blood, the massive increase in muscle metabolism that occurs when transitioning from rest to locomotion needs to be supported by a similarly massive increase in blood flow. When blood flow doesn’t increase sufficiently, patients experience a burning sensation referred to as intermittent claudication. If left untreated, vascular disease can worsen to the point where limb tissues no longer heal, and amputation is required (vascular disease is the #1 cause of lower limb amputation). Therefore, we hope to understand why various aspects of vascular disease impair the regulation of blood flow to skeletal muscle, and how cell transplantation and exercise can improve these processess blood flow. Although our focus is skeletal muscle, our research is applicable to vascular disease of the heart, aka coronary heart disease- the leading cause of death in the US.

*arteriogenesis is the enlargement of natural bypass arteries after a main artery is blocked

Laboratory Methods
Our studies involve one or more of the following- surgery, cell transplantation, in vivo microscopy, and immunofluroescence.

Publications (Lab Members Bolded)

Gouin KHHellstrom SK, Clegg LE, Cutts J, Mac Gabhann F, Cardinal TR, Arterialized collateral capillaries progress from non-reactive to capable of increasing perfusion in an ischemic tree, Microcirculation. 2017 Dec 28 [Epub ahead of print]

Guendel AM, Martin KS, Cutts J, Foley PL, Bailey AM, Mac Gabhann F, Cardinal TR, Peirce, SM, Murine Spinotrapezius Model to Assess the Impact of Arteriolar Ligation on Microvascular Function and Remodeling, Journal of Visualized Experiments, 73, 2013.

Cardinal TRStruthers KRKesler TJYocum MD, Kurjiaka DT, Hoying JB, Chronic hindlimb ischemia impairs functional vasodilation and vascular reactivity in mouse feed arteries, Frontiers in Physiology, 2:91, 2011

MCS Annual Meeting 2018- Cell Transplantation & Collateral Capillary Arteriogenesis, Cell Transplantation & Arterialized Collateral Capillary Vasodilation, Cell Transplantation & Arteriogenesis in Obesity, Force Production & Arterial Occlusion
MCS Annual Meeting 2017- Sex Differences in Arteriogenesis & Vasodilation
Fall MCS Meeting 2014- Blood Velocity & Collateral Capillary Arteriogenesis
MCS Annual Meeting 2014- Vasodilation & Collateral Capillary ArteriogenesisBlood Velocity & Collateral Capillary ArteriogenesisMechanoadaptation & Collateral EnlargementAortic Stenting
Fall MCS Meeting 2013- Vasodilation in Preexisting & Newly Formed Collaterals
MCS Annual Meeting 2013- Vasodilation & Collateral EnlargementVasodilation & Collateral Capillary Arteriogenesis
MCS Annual Meeting 2012- Ischemia & Bone
MCS Annual Meeting 2011- Vasodilation & Ischemia
MCS Annual Meeting 2010- Vasodilation & Ischemia
Fall MCS Meeting 2009- Vasodilation & IschemiaNetwork Architecure & Ischemia
MCS Annual Meeting 2009- Vasodilation & IschemiaNetwork Architecture & Ischemia

“Microcirculations” in Nature
After viewing photomicrographs of vascular networks so often, we have begun to “see” these elegant, almost artisitc structures everywhere. After exercising your left brain on the papers and posters above, exercise your right brain with the pictures below.

Gorgonian Coral photographed in the Great Barrier Reef by David Danzeiser looks a lot like the interconnected capillaries of the lung.

Roots from a Maple Tree penetrating a burl on a Large Western Red Cedar (according to Dr Matt Ritter) in Stanley Park, resemble microvessels feeding a solid tumor.

Name Degree After Graduation
Mary Kate Evans BS, BME 2018 PhD at U Penn
Christopher Hatch BS, BME 2019 PhD at UC Irvine
Mark Landon MS, BME-Regenerative Medicine 2019 Scientist at ThermoFisher
Madison Hubbard BMS, BME-Regenerative Medicine 2019 Engineer at ViaCyte
Courtney Nickell R&D Engineer at Edwards Life Sci
Vahid Hamzeinejad BMS, BME-Regenerative Medicine 2018, Report Engineer at ViaCyte
Tanner Quon BMS, BME-Regenerative Medicine 2018, Report PD Associate at Capricor
Chris Tran BMS, BME-Regenerative Medicine 2018, Report MD, Cal Northstate U
Eric Magill BMS, BME-Regenerative Medicine 2017, Report Second Lieutenant, US Marine Corps
Ethan Tietze BMS, BME-Regenerative Medicine 2017, Report, Senior Project Research Associate, Leiber Institute
Padon Sivesind BMS, BME 2017, Thesis Process Engineer, Kite Pharma
Britta Nelson BMS, BME 2017, Thesis, Senior Project R&D Engineer at Meditrina
Megan Chu BMS, BME 2016, ThesisSenior Project Manufacturing Engineer, NeoTract
Kenny Gouin BMS, BME-Stem Cell Research 2016, ReportSenior Project PhD, Cedars Sinai
Patrick Paine MS, BIO-Stem Cell Research 2016, Report Research Associate, Stanford
Laura Burckhardt BMS, BME 2015, ThesisSenior Project EP-TSS, St Jude Medical
Ashli Santos BS, BME 2015, Senior Project Medical Assistant Program
Travis Suttle MS, BIO-Stem Cell Research 2015, Report R&D, Capcicor Therapeutics
Caitlin Koeroghlian BS, BME 2014, Senior Project Biomechanics Engineer, Biomechanica
Amanda Krall BS, BME 2014, Senior Project EP-TSS, St Jude Medical
Ashkon Nehzati BMS, BME 2014, Senior Project ER Scribe, Apply to DO
Sara Hellstrom BMS, BME 2014, Senior ProjectThesis Process Engineer, St Jude Medical
Jennifer Go BMS, BME-Stem Cell Research 2014, ReportSenior Project Project Engineer, NDC
Josh Cutts BMS, BME-Stem Cell Research 2014, ReportSenior Project  PhD, Arizona State University
Paul Heckler BS, BMED 2014, Senior Project R&D Engineer, Altaviz
Stephan Papp BS, BIO 2014 MD, University of Colorado
Allison Peck BMS, BME 2013, Senior Project Mech Engineer, Home Dialysis Plus
Robert Chacon MS, BIO-Stem Cell Research 2013, Report Lab Manager, Stanford/VA
Daniel Hoover BS, BME 2013, Senior Project MD, Loma Linda University
Paige Czarnecki BS, BME 2012, Proprietary Project Applications Engineer, inviCRO
Ryan Gallagher BMS, BME 2012, Thesis Quality Engineer, Alcon
Tyler Smith BS, BME 2012 Proprietary Project PhD, UCLA
Andrew Tilton BS, BIO 2012, Senior Project Research Associate, SRI Int’l
Chris Li BS, BIO 2012 MD, Boston University
Whitney Cole BMS, BME-Stem Cell Research 2012, Report ER Scribe, apply to MD
Ian Mahaffey BMS, BME-Stem Cell Research 2012, Report Quality Engineer, Boston Scientific
David Danzeiser BMS, BME, 2012, Thesis World traveler
Alexander Bynum BMS, BME 2011, Thesis Quality Engineer, Stryker
Michael Govea BMS, BME 2011, Thesis R&D Engineer, Boston Scientific
Michael Machado BMS, BME 2012, Senior Project Thesis, Dr K Cardinal
Thomas Harper BMS, BME-Stem Cell Research 2011, Report Research Associate, UCSD
Anna McCann MS, BIO-Stem Cell Research 2011, Report PhD, U of Washington
Andrew Burch MS, BIO-Stem Cell Research 2011, Report PhD, UC Davis
Kyle Struthers BMS, BME 2011, Thesis EP-TSS, St Jude Medical
Shilpi Ghosh MS, BME 2010, Thesis MBA, Indian Inst of Foreign Trade
Joe Zhu OD, New Engl College of Optometry
Phil Chang TDP, Edwards Life Sciences
Emily Deckert BS, BME 2010, Senior Project EP-TSS, St Jude Medical
Thomas Kesler BS, BME 2010, Senior Project MD, New York Medical College
Matthew Yocum MS, ENGR (BME) 2009, Thesis MD, Medical College Wisonsin
Allyse Alex BS, ASCI 2008 Clinical Embryology
Stephanie Wood MS, ENGR (BME) 2008, Thesis  MD, UC Irvine