Interested in Joining the MPS Lab?

To learn more about the lab and explore what it’s like to do research with us, below is a list of tasks and activities for you to engage with the lab.  Please complete the tasks in the order specified. 

Read the following papers to learn more about the field of tissue-on-a-chip and tumor modelling: Lab Interest Reading. 

Once you have read the papers, please join our lab’s Slack: MPS Lab Slack.  This will give you the opportunity to see weekly interactions, logistics, and happenings in the lab.  This will also allow you to contact current members of the lab for the next task. 

Schedule a time to meet with an active member of the lab to learn more about what it’s like to work in the lab, typical student responsibilities, and the project(s) they’re currently working on.  Please use Slack to reach out to them.  These are busy people, so please be considerate of their time. 

Shadow experiments in the lab.  Use Slack to ascertain when experiments are happening or just ask lab members directly when their next experiment will be.  Please ask permission to shadow an experiment.  Do not just show up!  You’ll have to be let in to the lab, so you need to coordinate your arrival with a lab member to let you in. 

Complete the MPS Lab Interest List Questionnaire, so we can learn more about you.

Once you have had a chance to complete all of the above activities and shadow at least one experiment, please reach out to Dr. Heylman on Slack to schedule a time to meet and debrief.

Recruiting of new permanent members is pretty sporadic, generally based on needs and current funding.  When we do have a spot to fill, your chances of being selected are significantly greater if you’ve been shadowing and interacting with lab members.  Lab members are consulted for their input on who would mesh well with the current group based on their time with you in the lab while shadowing.    

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